Data science, cybersecurity, economic and financial engineering, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies… are all great challenges which companies face today and which require new and sharp skills.

University Paris Seine has developed a four-year high standard programme which meets the demands of today’s changing world: the International Bachelor Y.

The Bachelor course is taught exclusively in English, which shapes students for new fields of expertise as well as for their future career.

A four-year programme which is progressive, customized and open

Basic lessons are dominant during the first two years of the course in order to build solid scientific foundations. You are also free to select diving deeper modules corresponding to your career plan. Years three and four focus on the modules which are in line with your choices. Conferences and workshops touch on major contemporary issues so as to deepen knowledge and apprehend the world and its complexity.

Project work characterizes the Bachelor. The course puts emphasis on the process of learning by doing and the development of soft skills expected from companies today (proactive approach, communication and collaboration, adaptability, and effectiveness).

A few examples of subject areas of the course

  • Big data, Open data, Linked data
  • Machine learning, Deep learning, Artificial intelligence
  • Smart systems
  • Cybersecurity, Cryptology

What is it?

The Bachelor course taught exclusively in English, is a four-year programme which is progressive, customized and open.

Years 1 and 2:

Students build solid scientific foundations and select "diving deeper" modules corresponding to their career plan.

Years 3 and 4:

Focus on the chosen modules corresponding to specialization areas.


  • Conferences and workshops on contemporary issues
  • Learning by doing and the development of soft skills are predominant, so project work plays a major role in the Bachelor programme.

Further studies

Freshly graduated from the Bachelor's degree, students can choose to enroll in a Master’s degree or in an engineering school.

International Bachelor Ygrec Programme

The International Bachelor Ygrec combines high demanding academic pedagogy similar to that of « classes préparatoires » (50%) with alternative pedagogy addressing challenges through problem-solving and project driving (35%) as well as time for discovering and sharing (15%).

The Bachelor also enables the students to design their curriculum progressively: from 20% during the first year to 100% during the last year.

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